Lawn Replacement Program

Design Guidelines


Please note that we pay upon completion of project. This means we have not set aside funds to pay you until your project is complete, post-inspection is conducted, and W-9 is returned.

Design Requirements

  • Irrigation - In the renovated area, you may use drip, bubbler or point irrigation. Hand watering is allowed, if the irrigation system is removed or capped. 
  • Plant Coverage - In the front yard, you must have 50% plants at maturity (within 2 years); up to 50% of the front yard may be permeable material (e.g., mulch, decomposed granite, rock). You may be able to use existing plants for plant coverage. Backyards are not eligible.
  • Artificial Turf - Artificial turf is not eligible.

Design Documents

  • Plans - You must upload plans with your application. These can be hand drawn.
    • Irrigation zones must be shown on landscape plans.
    • Measurements of project area must be included on plans.
  • Plant Coverage Calculator - A plant coverage calculator must be used when converting a front yard project area. Include the square footage and plants being used in the front areas only. The form requires the following:
    • Quantity of each plant used, including trees being installed
    • Plant name
    • Mature spread
    • Check out Program Resources for help with plant choices and identifying the correct plant spread.
    • Permeable materials used in the front yard should be noted on plans (e.g., mulch, decomposed granite, rock)

Landscape Design Assistance Program

Other Things You Might Wonder About

  • Dirt - Projects are not complete if there are remaining areas of exposed dirt where grass was removed.  All qualifying areas must be covered with a permeable material (e.g., mulch, decomposed granite, rock) to be completed. 
  • Artificial Turf - Projects removing live grass and installing artificial turf are not eligible.
  • Other Grasses - The lawn replacement program does not give incentives for projects replacing lawns with other grasses used as turf.  Ornamental grasses are acceptable as long as they are not mowed and used as a turf grass.
  • Seeds - We love seeds, but re-landscaping with seed material will not qualify for the incentive payment because there is not enough time within the project period to allow for seeded plants to reach a mature state prior to the post inspection.
  • Pavers - We do not fund pavers or concrete in any form. If you have pavers in a project proposal, we will subtract the measurements from the amount eligible for funding.
  • Homeowner Associations - Individual homeowners are responsible for checking with their homeowner associations. Applications to the program are not a substitute for applying to their homeowner association to renovate landscape. 
  • City of Santa Clarita  - If you live in the City of Santa Clarita, you are responsible for checking with the City of Santa Clarita for design requirements and permits. Applications to the program are not a substitute for applying to City for permission to renovate landscape.
  • County of Los Angeles - If you live in the unincorporated County of Los Angeles, and within the SCV Water service area (e.g., Stevenson Ranch, Castaic or Val Verde), you still need to follow plant coverage requirements described above.
  • If you have questions, please call SCV Water (661-513-1244) for help.