Smart Controller Rebate

Frequently Asked Questions

How are smart irrigation controllers different than standard controllers?

Standard irrigation controllers include a clock and the ability to set a schedule. Adjustments for the time of year are made manually. Smart controllers adjust your irrigation based on the conditions in and around your landscape. The controller will automatically adjust the irrigation times based on weather, soil type, sprinkler type, and plant types. Smart controllers help match plant water needs throughout the year as the seasons' change, keeping your plants healthier and reducing water waste.

What smart controllers can I get a rebate for?

Here is the list of certified WaterSense labeled controllers which will qualify for the smart controller rebate.

How much is the smart controller rebate for?

Up to $150 for the purchase of a smart controller

Can I get this rebate more than once?

No, this rebate is available to each account one time only.

Can I get a smart controller and a soil moisture sensor rebate?

No, a smart controller and soil moisture sensor provide the same benefit for a more automated irrigation system in different ways. Each customer is only eligible for one or the other smart irrigation rebates.

Am I eligible for a smart controller rebate if I am a renter?

Yes, you are eligible for the rebate as a renter, but you will need permission from the owner of the rental property to participate.

Is there anyone who can help me install my new smart controller?

Yes, here is a list of qualified professionals who will be able to help you get your new smart controller installed and programmed.

Once my controller is programmed can I forget about it?

It is never a good idea to forget about your landscape and irrigation completely. With a new controller, you may need to modify settings a bit at the beginning to get everything adjusted properly. If you notice the plants looking stressed this may indicate you need to make an adjustment.