Outdoor Tips

Irrigation Tips

Inspect and Tune-Up

Periodically review your irrigation system for leaks and broken heads or drip lines. Adjust sprinkler heads so they don't spray walls, sidewalks or driveways.

Time of Day

Water during the early morning hours between 2 a.m. and 6 a.m. to minimize evaporation and interference from wind.

Time of Year

Water according to current weather and season (bell curve) or install a "smart" controller that will automatically calculate the amount of water needed for each watering session. Shut off irrigation system during the wet winter months and water only as needed during abnormally warm and dry periods. Use the following guidelines for conventional controller settings.

Turf Grass (Pop-up Spray)

  Spring Summer Fall Winter
Days Per Week


4 2 OFF
Start Times Per Day


3 3 OFF
Minutes Per Station


5 5 OFF
Total Minutes Per Day


15 15 OFF
Total Minutes Per Week


60 30 OFF

Note: The guidelines suggested on this chart are estimates based on typical irrigation conditions in Santa Clarita Valley. Results may vary.

Tips For Turf

Cycle and Soak

Divide your watering cycle into shorter periods to reduce runoff by monitoring how many minutes you can run your spray irrigation system before water begins to run off the property. Stop the cycle at that point and allow the water to fully absorb for about one hour before running another cycle.

Spot or Hand Water

Avoid turning on entire irrigation system to cover "brown spots" and instead choose to water those spots by hand.

Decrease Pressure

Reduce pressure to avoid misting which results in water loss due to evaporation and wind drift.

Drip Emitters

Use drip emitters instead of inefficient spray heads for non turf areas.

Upgrade Nozzles

Improve overall efficiency by using High Efficiency spray nozzles and/or rotating or oscillating nozzles.

Downsizing turf

Reduce lawn areas to a size just big enough for children, pets and recreation.

Turf Replacement

Replace aesthetic turf with Santa Clarita Valley friendly drought resistant varieties.

Outdoor Activities

Outdoor Cleaning

Use a broom instead of the hose for cleaning sidewalks, patios, and driveways.

Air conditioning Units / Condensation Water Collection

Collect condensation from your air conditioner (if practical) for use in your garden, bushes, trees, or "Brown Spots" in turf areas. You may be able to collect up to 15 gallons or more per day.

Car Washing

Check your local regulations for rules regarding car washing. When
washing cars, use a hose nozzle that shuts water off while standing
by or choose to wash your car at a car wash.


Use a pool cover to prevent evaporation.

More Information

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