Lawn Replacement Program

Program Overview

Please be advised that we pay upon completion of project. This means we have not set aside funds to pay you until you complete your project, post-inspection, and your W-9 is returned. Note that all documents submitted are public documents and may be disclosed.

Basic Program Facts

  • $2.00 per square foot incentive for living grass removed
  • Pre- and post-inspections are required before and after living grass is removed 
  • Projects must be between 250 and 2500 square feet of living grass to be removed
  • Front yards and side yards (in front of a gate) are qualified; backyards are not
  • Artificial turf cannot be used
  • The grass must be alive and in place to qualify. We count dormant grass, but we do not count dirt. If your yard is entirely dirt, you do not qualify and should not apply
  • Drip irrigation or point irrigation can be used in your new landscape, but not rotating or spray nozzles
  • Computer, Internet, and email access are required to participate
  • All design rules are available under Design
  • All process information is available under Process
  • Only front yards will be eligible for rebates
  • All proposed plans must show all live grass to be removed from front yards (no grass left in plan).  In other words if you are removing a front lawn, you need to remove it in its entirety.
  • Side yards are eligible apart from your front yard. We have found that there a number of customers with corner lots who want to take out a long side yard and/or parkway areas. These are allowable without taking out the entire front yard as long as irrigation zones are not split up in the process.
  • Artificial turf projects will not be funded
  • All proposed plans must show the entire front yard converted to drip irrigation, including existing beds if they count toward plant coverage requirements of 50%.