Residential Pool Cover Rebate

Program Overview

We are able to rebate pool covers up to $200.

You will need a photo of your water bill, pool cover receipt and a photo of the pool cover placed on your pool in order to apply. Please read through the following rules:

  1. The applicant must receive water service from Santa Clarita Valley Water Agency (formerly the Santa Clarita Water Division, Valencia Water Company and Newhall County Water District), or Los Angeles County Waterworks District #36
  2. Rebate amount is limited to $200.00, or up to the cost of the pool cover device, whichever is less. The actual device costs exclude sales tax, shipping, labor and other charges.
  3. Rebates shall be awarded on a one-time basis per service address.
  4. Pool covers must conform to the size and shape of the pool and cover a minimum of 85% of the total pool surface area to qualify.
  5. The rebate does not apply to stand-alone above-ground pools or spas.
  6. The rebate only applies to new pool covers specifically made for pools.
  7. The rebate does not apply to pool covers that are second-hand (used), mesh, homemade, liquid evaporation barriers, or solar rings.
  8. To qualify, the applicant must provide a legible copy of the dated itemized receipt(s) for a pool cover purchased after January 1, 2017, a copy of their most recent water bill, and photos of the new pool cover in use.  
    • In order for an application to be approved and for a rebate payment to be made, the owner of the water account must be current on its water utility bill and cannot be in violation of any SCV Family of Water Suppliers’ water-use prohibitions in effect during that period.
  9. Applications will be accepted up to 6 months after the purchase date.
  10. SCV Water reserves the right to conduct a site visit to confirm the pool cover is being used.
  11. New construction will be accepted.
  12. Third party website (eBay, Amazon, etc.) purchases for qualifying products are eligible for rebate funds, provided that the product purchased can be verified as new and in its original packaging at the time of purchase and must be submitted with a receipt, invoice, packing slip, or confirmation identifying the item as new.
  13. An IRS Form W-9 and signed Release of Liability must be completed by the water account holder to receive a rebate. A check will be issued once the application has been accepted and can take up to 90 days to process.

Note: Attention to Renters and Tenants: Participation requires written approval from property owner and/or property manager. Letter must be included with application. Once application is submitted an email will be sent out with the Release of Liability form and the W-9 for the customer to fill out and return.