Residential Soil Moisture Sensor Rebate

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the soil moisture sensor rebate?
Up to $150 for residential customers.

Wait – how exactly does this work?
This short video is a great explanation. Watch the first three and a half minutes. Click here.

Are soil moisture sensors best used in turf grass areas?
Yes. Although they can work with different plant materials, they are ideal for turf grass.

Do you rebate for tax and shipping?

What kinds of soil moisture sensors do you rebate?
Here is the eligible list of soil moisture sensors you can get a rebate for:

  1. Baseline Water Tec S-100 with Baseline BiSensor
  2. Hunter Soil-Clik Moisture Sensor
  3. Rain Bird SMRT-Y08
  4. Toro P/N PSS-KIT with Xtra Smart Precision Soil Moisture Sensor

Can I get this rebate more than once?
No, this rebate is available one time per account.

Can I get this rebate and a smart irrigation controller?
No. Soil moisture sensors work in a different way than smart irrigation controllers. If you have already received a smart irrigation controller you are not eligible for a soil moisture sensor.

How do I choose where to locate the sensor?
The sensor should be in an area that best represents the needs of the yard. Avoid low spots and high spots as well as locations where there is heavy foot traffic or areas close to hardscapes.