Landscape Design Assistance

Program Information

The goal of the Landscape Design Assistance is to help the Lawn Replacement Program participants develop ideas to transform their water-thirsty front lawns into beautiful water efficient landscapes. Landscape Design Assistance reimburses for a 2-hour consultation with a professional landscape designer.  Participants pay the landscape designer a $150 fee at the time of the appointment, and are reimbursed by the SCV Water when their lawn replacement project is successfully completed.

The 2-hour consultation is not enough time for the designer to draw a detailed landscape plan; however, it will be enough time to discuss site issues, uses and customer needs, develop general landscape layout ideas, and provide information on plant choices. View a sample before and after plan.


  • Participants must meet the Terms and Conditions to the Landscape Design Assistance Program.
  • Participant must submit an application for the SCV Water Lawn Replacement Program and complete a successful Lawn Replacement project to receive a Landscape Design Assistance rebate.
  • Participants must use one of the SCV Water Professional Landscape Designers.
Landscape Design Company Contact Information Website

AIM Landscape & Irrigation

Kurt Jurado
[email protected]


All-Pro Landscape Management, Inc.

Mike Cusick
[email protected]

Physis Design

Toni Pogue
[email protected]

Songbird Garden Design

Mary Elizabeth
[email protected]

The Grass Is Always Greener Designs

Julie Molinare
[email protected]


Rebate Terms

  • Customers may only participate in the program 1 time per property.
  • Customer will pay the Landscape Designer the $150 fee at the time of their 2-hour landscape design consultation.
  • SCV Water may be required to issue IRS 1099 tax forms to customers receiving rebates totaling $600 or more in a calendar year. This includes the Landscape Design Assistance Program, Lawn Replacement Program, and Pool Cover rebate program.
  • Customer will complete and return to SCV Water the Landscape Design Assistance Application and receipt from the landscape designer.
  • SCV Water will reimburse customer the $150 design fee after their lawn replacement project is successfully completed.
  • SCV Water will not reimburse the fee if the customer does not complete their lawn replacement project.
  • Any additional design services outside of the 2-hour consultation contracted between the Customer and Designer are beyond the scope of this program.

Steps to Proceed

The SCV Water Landscape Design Assistance is intended to assist customers participating in the SCV Water Lawn Replacement Program.  Customers will be reimbursed for the design consultation if they complete a successful lawn replacement project through the program.

  1. Review the list of SCV Water Professional Landscape Designers (PDF) and choose one that meets your needs.
  2. Schedule your 2-hour landscape design consultation.  We recommend you prepare a few things prior to your meeting to get the most out of your consultation (rough sketch or map of landscape, 3-5 plants you prefer, photos or examples of landscape designs you like).
  3. Pay the Landscape Designer the $150 fee and ensure you get a receipt.
  4. Print and complete the Landscape Design Application (PDF) and send the application with the Landscape Designer receipt to:
    SCV Water Lawn Replacement Program
    26501 Summit Cir
    Santa Clarita, CA 91350
    OR email [email protected]
  5. SCV Water will reimburse the customer the $150 design fee after their lawn replacement project is completed and approved.  The two rebates will be one combined payment in check form.