Lawn Replacement Program Resources

Please be advised that we pay upon completion of project. We do not set aside funds to pay you until your project is complete, post-inspection has been conducted, and W-9 is returned.

Please use the following resources to help you with your project.

Not sure where to start? We have provided some plant palettes to get you going. Just click on the image below to download.  You can also view these websites for more information on plant choices.

SCV's Hottest Plant Guide

Santa Clarita Plant Guide

Santa Clarita Valley Colorful Landscapes

Monrovia Plant Catalog -very helpful with identifying plant spreads at maturity

Perennial Culinary Herb Garden


Asian Inspired

California Native

California Friendly

Turf Alternatives

We've created 7 sample designs for you to use as inspiration! Click on the image below to download.

Typical Lawn Garden

Mediterranean Garden With Minimal Lawn

Southwest Garden

Asian Inspired Garden

Perennial Culinary Herb Garden

California Friendly Garden

California Native Garden